K.K. Bhattarai & Co. (KKB&CO), Chartered Accountants is an audit and consulting firm established in 1997 and since then been in the steady growth of public accounting, taxation and management consultancy practices in Nepal. The managing partner of the firm CA KK Bhattarai, have worked with KPMG, one of the world leading auditing firm for four years. KKB&CO is one of the trusted, well known and growing firms in Nepal with an office in Kathmandu. We are managed by a team of young professional CAs qualified from the ICAN and ICAI with rich experience in the allied fields.

  • Auditing is a major part of KKB&CO business and work for leading organizations all over Nepal, and in every field of their operations, organization, asset and liability management, financial and management consulting and control.
  •  KKB&CO believes in effective client service. Each member on the team has a clear understanding of their high standards of services. Responsibilities to the firm and to clients are clearly defined as part of KKB&CO’s goals for success.
  • Each member of the KKB&CO has extensive, directly relevant, assignment experience in Nepal. Our core team of professionals has extensive consulting and audit experience, and has worked with organizations, industries and donor agencies.
  • Our auditing blend is distinguished by several features which will enhance its success:
    • Understanding of the business, regulatory environment, risk associated with the products, business culture and professionalism of the directors and top level management.
    • Fusion of experienced judgment (honed in the developing world) and financial auditing skills to ascertain the true financial position.
    • Application of diagnostic tools that have been developed and proven in Nepal. 
    • Mix of a strategic and policy perspective of the public sector with hands-on knowledge of “what it takes” to effect change in developing country institutions.
    • Emphasis on skills transfer and on educating senior managers and policy-makers and building their commitment to recommendations.